About Me And Innovative Equestrian's Beginnings

    Innovative Equestrian, LLC specializes in introducing people and their horses safely into the world of eventing.  Owned by Crystal King-Adanti, Innovative Equestrian, LLC allows for her to meld two of her passions into one, teaching and horses!  A graduate from UCONN’s NEAG School of Education, Crystal is a certified elementary school teacher whose full time occupation is teaching third grade.  Crystal began her riding career at the age of 4, and has not stopped since!

    Crystal began riding with a focus in the hunter/jumper world.  When she was six, she joined Connecticut Valley Pony Club and remained a member until earning her C2 rating.  Competing on her pony, Crystal earned her maiden and novice in flat and fences, as well as multiple year end awards in CHSA and Tristate.  Through pony club, Crystal was introduced to the sports of eventing and dressage, and competed her pony up through the Novice Level.  All this was accomplished by the age of 12.  Thank goodness for a very supportive grandmother and mother who drove her countless places and allowed her to lesson with various trainers.   

    Upon outgrowing her pony, Crystal found herself upon an off the track thoroughbred mare who had been abused.  While not doing a lot of competing at the time, it was decided to breed the mare to an Oldenburg stallion.  The resulting horse, Fleur de Lis, was the inspiration for the logo of Innovative Equestrian, LLC.  It was through training Fleur, that Crystal’s passion for eventing really began to take shape.  Crystal qualified Fleur twice for the Area I beginner novice championships, as well as Lendon Gray’s Dressage Youth Festival.  Although Fleur was a challenge, it really taught Crystal how to ride and appreciate that no horse is the same, and training each horse is an exciting challenge.

    During college, Crystal went back to her hunter routes and joined the UCONN Equestrian team where during her junior year she won Regionals in Intermediate Fences and finished seventh at Zones.  It was in college that the owner of the barn she was boarding at approached her to become the eventing instructor of her facility.  Here, is where Crystal found her calling.  She loved to see the growth of her students and their horses and loved teaching people coming from the hunter/jumper world the ins and outs of the event world.  Being a teacher allows Crystal to understand the importance of continuing your own education to further that of others.  That being said, Crystal seeks out different people to learn from and has cliniced and lessoned with: Ann Bowie, Ann Guptil, Bonnie Mosser, Philip Dutton, Lendon Gray, Darren Chiaccia, Linda Langmeier, John Brennan, Suzi Gornall, Nancy Young, Eric Horgan, Lou Denizard, David O’Brian and others along the way.  She continues to look for opportunities to learn from others and encourages her students to do the same.

    Crystal has never had a ‘made’ horse.  Therefore, she has learned the importance of taking things slowly and building up a horse’s connection to their rider in order to facilitate success.  She enjoys the challenge each horse brings and like her students, seeks to address the best environment for each horse to reach its true potential.  Crystal varies her lessons and approach to teaching depending on each horse and rider’s needs.  Her students include those who are just starting out, to people competing at the Novice level.  She is currently training her new horse, Finnigan, a four year old Connemara/ ISH cross and could not be happier with her new addition.  Her latest personal accomplishment was being a member of the CDCTA’s Adult Rider Team which won the Championship at the Beginner Novice level.  It was her first recognized event in years, since the tragic loss of her thoroughbred mare to colic.  She did this on her amazing lesson horse, Billy.

    Another aspect to the horse world that gives Crystal a great opportunity to provide guidance, is when she helps out and judges the jumping portion of Tristate’s 2-phase.  She loves to help people who are giving the sport a try some advice as they finish their rounds.  Prior to the closing of the first facility that she was a trainer at, Crystal also had the opportunity to design and judge schooling 3 phases.

    The overwhelming goal of Innovative Equestrian, LLC is for people to enjoy the sport of eventing and feel safe and confident as they do so.  Crystal never pushes a rider or horse further than they are able to go, and moves them along at a pace that allows for them to feel successful.  Students are not moved up until they feel ‘bored’ by the level they are at, and are placing successfully and consistently.