My Lesson Horse Billy

Lesson Horse of Innovative Equestrian, LLC:

   Innovative Equestrian, LLC is all about the student and making sure the client is learning safely and correctly.  This could not be done without the partnership of one amazing horse, Billy.  Billy is a 15.1hh, registered Paint gelding that my grandmother acquired from the UCONN auction.  He is amazing.  He will take a walk trot rider, and remain with them up through the Beginner Novice level.  As a rider progresses, he adjusts himself to start to challenge them more. 

   Both English and Western broke, Billy will teach one person to barrel race, and the next person to do a correct lengthening for a first level dressage test.  He is truly remarkable.  Just as an example of his versatility, he took me to the Adult Area I BN championships, then the next weekend he went out and had two students complete their first event at the pre-elementary level without missing a beat.  His job is to build a rider’s confidence and turn them into capable riders, and he never disappoints.  He can hold his own in the hunter ring as well as the event ring and people who ride him truly learn effective aids because he teaches them what to do!  Billy was the birthday pony at UCONN and with good reason, he makes his riders feel safe and competent.  He is what completes Innovative Equestrian, LLC and allows Crystal to be effective in her role of instructor.